New Machine is an emerging digital publishing brand that aims to serve as a barometer to the next generation of screen talent.

New Machine is a multi-platform digital magazine covering up and coming talent in the film, TV and digital video space, with broad editorial and social media coverage on new directors, cinematographers, writers, actors, editors, production designers and more.

Featuring interviews, profiles and Q&As as well as the latest film school buzz and the all important film festival news, awards and rankings, New Machine plans to become a one-stop industry guide to rising screen talent.

Our main publication can be found at newmachine.co and on all the major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are headquartered at 448 State Street, Brooklyn, New York. Call us on 917 306 3942 or email sayhello@newmachine.co

New Machine’s editorial sections are segmented as follows:

Feature Stories, Interviews & Profiles

New Machine publishes exclusive human-interest profiles, interviews and Q&As with emerging screen professionals. Our stories document their early careers, goals, successes, influences and motivations. We cover people from a broad range of crafts including cinematographers, actors, directors, writers or productions designers, and many more. Our content aims to both celebrate and inspire a passion for filmmaking.

First Features

Profiles and first person accounts of a filmmaker’s inaugural feature. This regular column involves the human and emotional journey surrounding such a landmark event. Includes discussions with directors, writers and producers, and more.

Short Shorts

Short articles and Q&As with emerging screen professionals who have shorts that are gaining notoriety on the festival circuit, heralding unique insights about their journey along the way.

Film Festival Notes

Covering the major film festivals to highlight some of the latest award winners and audience favorites.

Rankings, Hot Lists and Talent Directory (coming in 2017)

New Machine will feature a comprehensive talent directory of the screen professionals profiled in the publication as well as a wider list, including festival awards, rankings and other metrics.

Video Interviews and Podcasts (coming in 2017)

Regular video series and podcasts interviewing new filmmakers as well as decision makers from the major festivals and film schools.