Eurimages supports 30 new co-productions, many for new filmmakers

The Eurimages Fund has announced that it will fund 30 new projects to a total of €5,598,535. The successful filmmakers include both established and emerging directors, with a significant percentage being female.

Eurimages is run by the Council of Europe with the goal to fund the development of co-productions through to distribution and to collaborate across borders.

The list of projects:

The Extraordinary Voyage of Marona – Anca Damian (Romania/France/Belgium) (animation film)
Frem – Viera Cakányová (Czech Republic/Slovak Republic) (documentary)
Coupe Confused – Mischa Kamp (Netherlands/Germany)
The Unfinished Portrait of Clara Bellini – Namik Ajazi (Albania/Italy)
Girls of the Sun – Eva Husson (pictured) (France/Belgium/Georgia)
Baltic New Wave – Audrius Stonys, Kristine Briede (Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia) (documentary)
Ingmar Bergman-Legacy of a Defining Genius – Margarethe Von Trotta, Felix Moeller (Germany/France) (documentary)
Sisters – Emin Alper (Turkey/Germany/Netherlands/Greece)
The End of Emma Peeters (as We Know Her) – Nicole Palo (Belgium/Canada)
God Exists, her Name is Petrunija – Teona Strugar Mitevska (Macedonia/Belgium/Croatia)
Father – Srdan Golubovic (Serbia/France/Germany/Croatia/Slovenia)
Sweetness in the Belly – Zeresenay Mehari (Ireland/Canada)
Fugue – Artemio Benki (Czech Republic/France/Argentina/Austria) (documentary)
43 – Dito Tsintsadze (Russian Federation/Georgia)
Core of the World – Natalia Meschaninova (Russian Federation/Lithuania)
Negative Numbers – Uta Béria (Georgia/France/Italy)
The Factory – Yuri Bykov (Russian Federation/France/Armenia)
Digger – Georgis Grigorakis (Greece/France)
Tailor – Sonia Liza Kenterman (Greece/Germany/Belgium)
Jumpman – Ivan Tverdovsky (Russian Federation/Ireland/Lithuania/France)
Open Door – Florenc Papas (Albania/Macedonia)
Keep Going – Joachim Lafosse (Belgium/France)
Outside – Michal Hogenauer (Czech Republic/Latvia/Netherlands)
Epicentro – Hubert Sauper (Austria/France) (documentary)
Photograph-Women – Ester Sparatore (France/Belgium/Italy) (documentary)
The Hummingbird Project – Kim Nguyen (Canada/Belgium)
In the Beat of a Heart – Tudor Giurgiu (Romania/Spain/Czech Republic)
Exemplary Behaviour – Audrius Mickevicius (Lithuania/Bulgaria) (documentary)
What a Country! – Vinko Bresan (Croatia/Serbia/Poland)
The Father – Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva (Bulgaria/Greece)