New Filmmakers Present Works as Part of 2018 Venice Biennial College

A group of emerging filmmakers who participated in the 6th Annual Venice Biennial College class presented projects in development this week.

The 12 active projects are part of the Venice Biennial and promotes new talent and provides an opportunity to be mentored by established professionals in the development of a low budget feature .

The 12 Projects

Besos Negros (Black Kisses) – Alejandro Naranjo (Director, Colombia) | Omar Razzak (producer, Spain)
An exorcist, a Satanist saint, and a person possessed by a demonic presence. Three love stories crossed by mysticism and its divine and diabolical manifestations.

Deva Mall – Petra Szocs (director, Hungary) (pictured)| Péter Fülöp (producer, Hungary) Gergő Nagy (co-writer, Hungary)
Now, come on, let’s get kind of thrown into the fire.

Dos Estaciones – Juan Pablo González (director, Mexico) | Jamie Gonçalves (producer, Brazil / USA)
Set in the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico, where most of the tequila is produced, a stubborn landowner faces the difficulties of an inevitable business collapse. In the same city, a make-up artist falls in love with the owner of a ranch.

Gepetto – Z Behl (director, USA) | Carlos Zozaya (producer, Mexico)
A feminist revision of the original tale, Gepetto is a gender treatise on artistic identity, focused on transforming a woman into a perverted artist.

The Ice Rift – Margherita Ferri (director, Italy) | Chiara Galloni (producer, Italy)
In a small mountain village, where everything is immobile 15-year-old Vanessa is tired of being considered the most beautiful girl in town and finds a way to escape, or even her first love, in Maia, a mascot that fights on hockey slopes the same way he fights his solitude.

StellaNera – Valentina Bertuzzi (director, Italy) | Alessandra Grilli (producer, Italy)
When a young woman tries to get pregnant, her life is invaded by the ghost of her deceased mother.

Swamp Queen – Xander Robin (director, USA) | Tatiana Bears (producer, USA)
In the southwest of Florida, a wounded swamp buggy driver, amphibious vehicles used for marshland competition, makes a descent into chaos in search of his missing friend, an aspiring beauty queen.

A Time of Gods – Piotr Stasik (director, Poland) | Pawel Kosun (producer, Poland)
It’s enough for a politician to dangle a button, just a magnetic storm in the Sun or a mutant virus. The end can come at every moment. “The Time of Gods” is the story of what awaits us when our civilization collapses.

To Live To Sing – Johnny Ma (Director, Canada / China) | Jing Wang (producer, China)
The irrepressible director of the Sichuan opera company has to deal with the demolition of his theater and will have to find a new home for his crew before the “family” gets disbanded.

Untitled Expat Film – Daniel Laabs (director, USA) | Jeff Walker (producer, USA) | Jan Brandt (co-writer, USA)
Following the loss of the passport, Ian, young and gay, is alone in a Caribbean island. Obliged to rely on an unpredictable group of expatriate Americans, Ian’s holidays become a day-to-day nightmare between survival and shark fishing at midnight.

Wild Youth – Lorenzo Lodovichi (director, Italy) | Ines Vasiljevic (producer, Italy)
In the near future, the elixir of eternal youth is invented. Anyone who takes it away to age and lives in closed communities is crowded with falsely young people. Residents live in the constant fear of young people, the real ones, called “Young Wildlife.”

Yuva (Home) – Emre Yeksan (director, Turkey) | Anna Maria Aslanoglu (producer, Turkey)
The lonely life of Veysel, a man who lives in the woods like an animal, is destroyed when that land is sold. His obstinacy turns into a confrontation with his younger brother Hasan coming from the city to convince him to leave those places.