15 Emerging Aussie Female TV Writers Join ‘Smart for a Girl’ Initiative

Fifteen entry-level Australian female television screenwriters have been given the chance to work alongside Offspring producer Imogen Banks and Puberty Blues screenwriter Alice Bell as part of the Smart for a Girl: ROAR program, an initiative that received funding from Screen Australia.

The successful writers are:

Unruly Girls – Clare Young, Ella Roby, Lily Daubney. 

ID – Vanessa Gazy, Zuleika Khan, Katherine Sullivan. 

The Spoils –  Zoe Pepper, Anna Lindner, Lili Owen. 

Reconciliation Rescue – Angelina Hurley, Alisha Hnatjuk, Matilda Ridgeway. 

Empath – Ash Ricardo, Imogen McCluskey, Georgina Love. 

Read more about the program at Screen Australia’s website.