Outfest LA Announces 2017 Shorts Winners

Outfest, one of the largest LGBT-themed film festivals in North America, announced the winners of the short films category over the weekend in Los Angeles.

The event kicked off this year on July 6 with Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country and closed July 16 with IFC’s Freak Show starring Abigail Breslin, Anna Sophia Robb, Laverne Cox and Bette Midler.

Outfest Shorts Awards

Best Documentary Shorts

Bayard & Me by Matt Wolf

“For its elegant storytelling, its economical sweep of history, and its sensitivity to lovers together in the struggle, whose intimate point of view enlightens and moves us to see the intricacies of the personal & political victories we can achieve together,” according the Outfest jury.

Butches, Lies & Feminism by Gregorio Davila

“Creatively employing the few surviving archival interviews to illuminate a forthright, outspoken, dynamic and sexy old school butch who was unstoppable in her quest for equality & fairness for lesbians, women and the queer community” according the Outfest jury.

Best Narrative Short

Goddess (Devi) by Karishma Dube

“Demonstrating restraint in both dialogue and narrative while also presenting a rich visual tapestry in a claustrophobic household, the film portrays an intense, simmering passion between two women yearning to break free from the norms of sexuality and caste (class) in a matriarchal Indian household. ”