Paul J. Franklin – Palm Springs Shortfest 2017 Director to Watch

Oscar-winning visual effects master Paul J. Franklin screened his debut short The Escape at the 2017 Palm Springs International Shortfest. The sci-fi short is about a mysterious man who offers the chance to escape into whatever fantasy you wish in exchange for all that you own. Paul adapted The Escape from a short story by Robert Sheckley called The Store of the Worlds.

Paul has a long history as a VFX specialist. He has collaborated with director Christopher Nolan since Batman Begins (2005) and went on the win Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects for Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014) .

Born in 1966, Paul attended the Cheshire School of Art and Design and St John’s College, Oxford University. After graduation in 1989 he worked in various videotape editing and video graphic design roles before helping to establish the UK-based VFX shop Double Negative.

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