Molly McGlynn – Palm Springs Shortfest 2017 Director to Watch

Canadian filmmaker Molly McGlynn’s 3-Way (Not Calling) short film is about a woman who, upon hitting a milestone birthday, decides to tell her partner that she wants to have a threesome. After humiliating and disturbing attempts to find an eligible woman online, they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation with their local barista who overstays her welcome.

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3-Way (Not Calling) premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). In 2012, Molly received a Drama Prize from the National Screen Institute for her short Given Your History. After screening at international film festivals, it aired on CBC TV and was featured on Air Canada’s En Route channel. She was also the recipient of the Corus Fearless Female Directors Award for her work.

Molly began her career at TIFF in the Communication and Programme Administration departments. After a stint working as a writer and researcher in factual television, Molly went on to work as executive assistant to Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Deepa Mehta. She is currently in post-production on her first feature film, Mary Goes Round. The film was developed at the Canadian Film Centre and is supported by Telefilm’s Micro-Budget programme and the Harold Greenberg Fund. She recently directed the forthcoming comedy digital series How to Buy a Baby from writer Wendy Litner and producer Lauren Corber.

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