Cameron Fay – Palm Springs Shortfest 2017 Director to Watch

American director Cameron Fay is screening his short It’s Been Like a Year on June 22 as part of the 2017 Palm Springs Shortfest. Cameron’s 8-min narrative short won the Bruce Corwin Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2017 Santa Barbara International Film Festival and is about a sexually stifled young man that grows increasingly distracted during a rendezvous with an attractive woman.

Learn more about the screening here.

Cameron Fay was born on December 15, 1981 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. He currently lives in Los Angeles, working as a writer/director. He began filmmaking at the age of 12, using a home video camera and friends from his soccer team as actors. He went to NYU’s Tisch Film School and was a Lew Wasserman Scholar. His feature comedy Dance Camp (2016) was nominated at the 2017 Writers Guild of America Awards; Fay’s short drama Redemption Song (2007) won two Jury Awards at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2007 and the same year, his short comedy Tom’s War on Terror (2007) won two Special Jury Awards at the Phoenix Film Festival; the short comedy Fishing for Trauster (2004) won an Audience Award at Valley Film Festival 2004.

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